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Ladder Safety – Must Know

Ladder Safety is a “Must Know” Topic

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Using a ladder makes your job possible or easier. If you are new to using a ladder please read these few tips that could save an accident, yours or someone else’s.

Steps to use a ladder safely, whether in the house, on the job, or outside:

  • NEVER use an aluminum ladder near live electrical sources, cut the power
  • Lean the ladder, around an 80° angle, and never place it straight up and down

  • Adhere to the weight limit guidelines. Always check the weight limit of a ladder
  • Open up the ladder by unlocking the braces
  • Make a “safe zone” for the ladder, never put a ladder in front of a door. If you have to put a ladder in front of a door, block the door

  • Keep the ladder away from kids playing, make sure they know to respect your work area

  • Make sure that the feet of the ladder, especially an extension ladder, are on a even and dry surface. If the ground is muddy or uneven use wood, like a sheet of plywood, to level the ground
  • Don’t use a ladder on an incline/decline or where it is rocky

  • Do not lean to either side when on the ladder, stay balanced

  • Hold on to the sides of the ladder as you climb
  • Store tools in back pockets or a tool belt
  • When climbing, climb only as high as the ladder is designed for and never climb past the point where your hips are even with the top of the ladder
  • Never stand on the top step of a step ladder

  • Never allow more than one person on a ladder
  • Don’t let anyone stand below you where you can drop something on them
  • Read the manufacturer’s warnings – usually on colorful labels on the side of the ladder
  • If you are able to, have someone hold the ladder as you go up it

  • If possible, work with someone nearby in case of a fall, if however you don’t have anyone, use an A-frame type of ladder

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